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To register, just go to the link below and choose one of our upcoming events for your age group:


  1. Pamela Peate says:

    I don’t have a website, actually I just recently joined the high tech world of computers & struggling, therefore I am a perfect client for you. I wish to be on the list for either event for, if you have any cancellations. I was unable to reach that site through the info line. Your waiting list, please.

    Thanks !
    We need more of this!!!!


    1. Susan says:

      Hi Pam,
      We are putting you on our list! Both events are full for women’s spots though, and this Sun is booked for men as well. BUT we are posting new events for Feb and March and will keep you posted! Keep your eyes open for an email and keep checking the website!

  2. Suzann says:

    Please put me on your mailing list for upcoming events. Looking forward to networking and meeting some fantastic new people.

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